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Dear friends and Superstar fanatics,

Whenever, a big movie or a lead actor’s movie gets released we used to hear from its makers that it touched or surpassed Sivaji or Enthiran’s records. Without giving any statistics or solid proof they used to simply claim this.

On the contrary, we (the superstar fans) have plenty of infos, datas and videos in support of our part. How would it will be if you get all these statistics mixed in a proper proportion and prepared as an exclusive article and tabled before you?

As the Superstar’s fans we don’t need to give importance to their marketing gimmicks. But at the same time it is our duty to make our fans and people understand HOW BIG our movies are really. In all aspects.

Wouldn’t be easy for you to slap THIS on your collegue’s face (sometimes your boss too) or a nephew or niece’s face while they are blindly arguing with you in support of their icon’s movies?

Herewith i present an outstanding article penned by one of our readers Mr.Shoaib, who is an excellent writer and an ardent fan of our beloved Superstar. Mr.Shoaib has already presented us a few ‘Guest Articles’ in the past.

Mr.Shoaib has put lots of research and effort to raise this article. He has given appropriate infos supporting his views and argument and also presented us some exclusive videos which would be a sure feast for you. Don’t forget to watch the final video which is a tribute for the living legend called Superstar.




Ever loving,
- Sundar,


Superstar Rajinikanth - The Best There Ever Was, The Best There Is & The Best There Ever Will Be

By Shoaib Mohamed Exclusively for

Geneva, Switzerland

Iconic Basketball Superstar Michael Jordan has been a childhood hero of mine that I have always looked up to and drawn inspiration from. Jordan was, is and always will be the greatest basketball player of all time. I rate Jordan as the greatest champion, the greatest winner that the sports world has ever seen or will see and this is because once Jordan got to the top and became number 1 he stayed there year after year and eventually retired from the game after hitting the championship winning shot with 4 seconds left of the 1998 NBA finals to win his team their 6th NBA championship. During the presentation ceremony David Stern the NBA commissioner awarded Jordan his record 6th NBA finals MVP trophy and said “Michael Jordan you are simply the standard by which basketball excellence is measured”

Its been 13 years since Michael Jordan retired from his competitive playing days as a player and in that 13 year period many other players have come along and claimed that they are the next Michael Jordan and some even were foolish enough to claim that they were better than the great Michael Jordan. However, all of them disappeared as quickly as they came and although they talked the talk none were able to walk the walk or even crawl the crawl. Today, 13 years after Michael Jordan’s retirement he still is by far the greatest ever basketball player of all time. There will never be another even half as good as him.

Fans cheering @ a theatre in US during the release

Now you may wonder why I am talking about Michael Jordan on a site dedicated to Superstar Rajinikanth. The reason is simple. Jordan and Rajinikanth have plenty in common. For starters they are both my childhood heroes. Both Jordan and Rajini climbed to number 1 in their respective fields and remained there forever and no one has or will even come close to them. Like Jordan is and always will be the standard by which basketball excellence is measured, Rajini is and always will be the standard by which Superstardom and Box office success is measured in Indian Cinema. Just like many basketball players have come along and claimed to be the next Jordan and made a right royal ass of themselves, many actors in the Tamil film industry (or their fathers, mothers, brothers, producers, directors and in some cases even their pet dogs) have and will come along and claim that they are the next Rajinikanth and they too have and forever will make a right royal ass of themselves.

This now brings me to the key point I wanted to make in this article. The constant news articles and desperate twitter diarrhea by certain producers/directors in a rather pathetic attempt to promote their recent films saying that their film has beaten Enthiran’s collections and so on and so forth is nothing more than a joke.Then there is the “success meet” that these jokers hurriedly organise and meet the press 4 or 5 days after the release of their film. All of these are desperate attempts by these losers / jokers to celebrate when there is nothing really to celebrate. This is another one of their pathetic and laughable attempts to falsely celebrate a victory that never existed. You guys should just have a good laugh and not let such rubbish upset you. Enthiran collected 105 Cr in its three day opening weekend just in India and when you throw in its opening collections world-wide too the total 3-day opening weekend collections for Enthiran was 190 Cr which to date stands as the biggest ever opening weekend collections for an Indian movie of all time and again it was achieved in a 3-day weekend and not a 5-day weekend. SRK’s Ra One raked in 170 Cr world-wide in its 5-day opening weekend after having a far bigger release than Enthiran and with SRK marketing / promoting the movie for about 6 months morning, noon and night. Let alone surpassing Enthiran, none of these jokers in the Tamil film industry have or will even in their dreams be able to collect during the life time run of any of their movies what Enthiran collected in just its 3-day opening weekend and they are talking about surpassing Enthiran’s collections. Ha, Ha Ha!!!!!! Laugh out loud my friends because even Vaidivelu or Vivek at their very best will not be able to do comedy that will make us laugh in this manner.

Fans bustling with joy during Enthiran screening @ New Jersey, US

Nobody gives a rats ass about the movies of other Tamil Heroes beyond the borders of Tamil Nadu and to some extent Andhra whilst Sivaji and Enthiran ran to packed houses across Pan India and around the World. The likes of Oliver stone and Will Smith and virtually all of Bollywood were awestruck at the mesmerizing on-screen magic of Rajini and the magnificent story telling of Shankar in Enthiran. Overseas, no one knows or gives a damn about the movies of these other so-called heroes in Tamil Cinema whilst Sivaji first went on to brake and establish new records and had a never before seen opening in the UK, US, Continental Europe, Canada, Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa and many other places. Sivaji was the first Tamil film to debut in the UK Top Ten in its opening weekend and went on to become the movie with the highest per screen collections for the entire year of 2007 in the UK and this in a year when Hollywood had the releases of blockbusters like Spider Man 3, Fantastic Four, Pirates of the Caribbean and so on.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s biggest threat in the Indian cinema industry and also his biggest competitor in the Indian Cinema industry also happens to be Superstar Rajinikanth himself. Rajini came to town with his next magnum opus; Enthiran or Robot in October of 2010 and surpassed all records established by Rajini’s earlier outing Sivaji the boss. The Enthiran juggernaut came, saw and conquered the box office like no Indian movie has or perhaps ever will until of course Rana is released. As mentioned before Enthiran grossed a mammoth 190 Cr in its opening 3-day weekend and went on to shatter to pieces every box office record in India and eventually grossed an unprecedented 375 Cr giving the producers a net profit of a never before seen 179 Cr and in the process also comfortably becoming the biggest grossing Indian film of all time. In fact no other Indian film has ever grossed more than 300 Cr in the box office.

Robot, the biggest grosser of all time - Video

Enthiran was released on 30 screens in the UK and opened at the number 11 position (second highest ever opening ranking for a Tamil Film in the UK after Rajni’s Sivaji which opened at number 9) and collected a sum of GBP 295,148 (biggest ever opening in the UK for a Tamil film beating the record held by Rajini’s own Sivaji the Boss) with a per screen collections of GBP 9,838 thus making it the number 1 movie of that weekend in the UK in terms of per screen collections. Rajni’s Sivaji was also the number 1 movie of the weekend it released in terms of per screen collections. In fact Sivaji’s per screen collections of GBP 14,000 plus was the highest for any movie in its opening weekend in the UK in 2007.

Now let us compare the opening weekend performance of Enthiran in the UK to that of the opening weekend collections of Salman Khan’s Blockbuster Dabaang released three weeks prior, in the UK box office. What is important to remember here is that the reach and audience of Hindi Cinema in India and overseas is incomparable to the reach and audience of Tamil Cinema which is so much more limited and smaller. Dabaang was released in the UK on 41 screens and opened at the number 12 position and collected GBP 332,673 with a per screen collection of GBP 8,114. So despite the fact that a Tamil film has nowhere near the reach or audience of a Hindi film it is remarkable to note that Superstar Rajnikanth’s Endhiran beat Salman’s blockbuster Dabaang in its own strong-hold overseas.

To say that the US and the UK are amongst the biggest and most lucrative markets for the Hindi film industry would be the understatement of the year. Now that we have reminded ourselves of the record breaking performance of Enthiran in its opening weekend in the UK, it is time to turn our attention and refresh our minds about Enthiran’s performance in the US box office during it’s opening weekend.

Up until the release of Enthiran, SRK’s My Name Is Khan held the record for the film with the biggest opening for an Indian movie in the US. But as Enthiran has done with every other box office record, SRK’s status as the man who had the biggest opening weekend collections in the US for an Indian movie came to an end when Enthiran entered the land of the free and home of the brave. Prior to its release (Enthiran’s) all of us heard and read in utter astonishment as to how when advance bookings opened in the US all tickets for the first week were sold out within minutes. As a result it was no surprise to any of us that Enthiran emerged as the runaway winner and became the Indian movie with the biggest opening weekend collections of all time in the US box office.

Enthiran (Tamil) was released on 64 screens and collected a whopping US$ 1,520,108 also giving it the number 1 position in terms of per screen collections (US$ 23,752) in its opening weekend in the US as well. Enthiran dubbed in Hindi as Robot also had an outstanding opening in the US. It was released on 36 screens and collected US$ 481,680 giving it a per screen collection of US$ 13,380. So in short the number 1 and number 2 positions in terms of per screen collections in the weekend of Oct 1st at the US Box office belonged to India’s number 1 box office Superstar the impregnable and incomparable Rajnikanth’s Enthiran and its dubbed Hindi version Robot respectively. When taking into account both Enthiran and Robot, the film’s opening weekend collections in the US were US$ 2,001,788 from 100 screens giving it a per screen collection of US$ 20,017.

So in conclusion Enthiran had a tremendous opening weekend in both the US and the UK, the US opening being the biggest opening weekend of all time for any Indian film. It also emerged as the number 1 movie in terms of per screen collections in both the UK and the US with Enthiran’s dubbed Hindi version Robot coming in 2nd in the US. Do you think SRK or Amir Khan or Salman Khan can ever in their wildest imaginations have the dubbed Tamil version of one of their films emerge as a winner in even Tamil Nadu let alone the US box office? Never!

Rajni is often referred to as a one man industry, an industry that I would like to call as Rajiniwood.

Non-Tamilians who live outside of South India (rest of India and the world at large) know that an industry called the Tamil Film industry exists only when Superstar Rajnikanth releases a film. His film releases become national and international news. No other Indian movie star gets such voluntary coverage by the media when their films are being released. Despite the release date of Enthiran / Robot (October 1st 2010) being sandwiched between the Ayodhya verdict and the start of the CWG, TV channels in India voluntarily gave Rajni and the release of his film so much of coverage and air time. This is something that no other movie star in India gets even when there is no other major news story being covered. All because of the phenomenon that is Rajnikanth. While other movie stars spend 20 hours a day of the weeks leading to the release of their films promoting their movies by giving interview after interview be it in the print media or on TV, journalists have to work very hard and camp out at airports to get a word or two from Rajni about his movie. Yet the name Rajnikanth alone is enough for tickets to be sold out for his movies. Recently Amitab Bachchan was quoted as saying during one of his movie promotions “only Rajinikanth can complete a film and then go on a sojourn to the Himalayas and the movie will become a sure shot blockbuster but mere mortals like me and the rest of us have to promote our films morning, noon and night in the weeks leading to its release and even then there is no assurances that it will do well in the box office”

Rajini India’s Biggest Superstar – Part 1

Rajini India’s Biggest Superstar – Part 2

Rajini it must be recalled only made 4 public appearances before the release of Endhiran (3 audio launches and 1 trailer launch) and never gave a single interview to the press before the release of the film. No other Indian movie star other than Rajnikanth has that uncanny ability to capture the attention and imagination of all of India and the world prior to the release of their films without doing anything at all to promote their films. Rajini has proved that he is the one and only Superstar in Indian Cinema with a frenzied fan following that is un-matched. At 62, Rajni still remains the unparalleled and undisputed king of the box office while his contemporaries (those who started out with him) in other industries like Bollywood and Tollywood faded away many years ago. Will SRK, Aamir or Salman be number 1 in the industry when they are 62? No chance!!!. Getting to the top is easy but the ability to remain at the top year after year, decade after decade is what separates the stars and the SUPERSTAR. That is why Rajini is the one and only incomparable Superstar of Indian Cinema.

It is the dream of every top tier Bollywood heroine to share at least one frame with the legendary Rajinikanth. When Rajini fell ill the gorgeous Deepika Padukone who many reckon to be the next Aishwarya Rai and Queen of Bollywood said that she has no problem in waiting for as long as it takes for Rana to roll and when Rajini is ready she will make herself available for the movie come what may. Compare this to the one-film old newcomer to Bollywood Sonakshi Singha who walked out on a Kamal Hassan’s film as it was getting delayed. Salman Khan’s recent string of success at the box office has been largely attributed to his Rajini like larger than life performances on screen. Many have honoured him with the title “Rajinikanth of Bollywood” after he delivered a hatric of hits with Dabaang, Ready and Bodyguard. SRK desperately wanted Rajini in his dream project Ra One and as Kareen Kapoor rightly says in the movie, “Rajini is the Superhero Number 1”

Since 1999 Rajni has acted in 5 full length feature films (Kuselan was a cameo) and four of them have gone on to re-write box office history and take Tamil Cinema and Indian Cinema to unchartered territories.

So my friends let the jokers keep coming up with fantasy stories and keep having their day dreams and twitter diarrhea about how their movies beat Enthiran’s collections and make a right royal ass of themselves for Enthiran will remain the standard by which success at the Indian Box office will be measured for an Indian movie until of course Rana comes along.

Michael Jordan’s statue outside of the entrance of the United Centre in Chicago (the home of the Chicago Bulls) has a fitting tribute to the greatest sportsman of all time. It says “Michael Jordan – The best there ever was, the best there is and the best there ever will be” Similarly there is absolutely no doubt that in Indian Cinema, as far as Superstardom, fan following and box office success are concerned, Rajinikanth is the best there ever was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.

I will end this article with probably the best tribute I have seen on youtube for Indian Cinema’s numero uno actor, Superstar Rajinikanth. Dot!


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  1. Sk Sk says:

    Excellent article and its a treasure..i had goosebumps reading this and thanks a ton to both Shoaib & Sundar….Thalaivar is truly an industry by himself in parallel to indian film industry..

  2. saranya saranya says:

    kudos to your effort anna…

  3. Prasanna Kumar Prasanna Kumar says:

    Fantastic & Solid article…..Hats off to Shoaib for this wonderful article.

    Special Thanks to Sundar sir……….!!!!!

  4. rasul rasul says:

    now a days , note recently, they had a success press meet after 4 shows, they declare their own movies as blockbluster, utter stupidity by these jokers

  5. Jon Jon says:

    Excellent facts. This is all the so called jokers need to produce in order to say they have beaten the King. Simply best, kudos to Shoiab and Sundar sir. This kind of things have been happening not only now but for a long time. There have been many who have come and gone but Superstar has remained like an Everest. Long Live Superstar.

  6. k s amarnath k s amarnath says:

    wow awesome I was just wondering where is shoiab??????? I have been reading shoiab's articles from 2009, in every article I like the way shoiab addresses some people as jokers lol…coming to this article simply outstanding article hats off shoiab and keep continuing churning out blockbuster articles like thalaivar movies!!!

  7. Rajeswaran M Rajeswaran M says:

    Excellent Article!! Thanks Shoib.

    Thanks Sundar for bringing it out!!

  8. ss loga ss loga says:

    Truly marvelous! A big time rub-it-in-your-face kinda article for those losers.

    Hats off to Mr.Shoaib.

    The poll itself obviously says it all, SS is much more bigger than the whole Bollywood put together. One man army indeed.

    Didn't know which part of this that these so called famous actors n their fans can't understand.

    The north had accepted it long time ago, but these southern ppl..? Still yakking uselessly about next SS title.

    The mere fact that Baasha's still a crowd puller, after 16 yrs n numerous telecasts in tv, even though re-released after just a week or so of the release of 2 new movies clearly states the europhia just this one man can do.

    Thalaivar is the one n only actor on this face of earth that have this much mass n love surrounding him.

    Like a gem, he just gets better n better while others r fading away.

  9. R.Ramarajan R.Ramarajan says:

    Thanks to shoaib , sunder anna. Sun pictures must be celebrate the success but useless they are. ENDHIRAN not beat the SIVAJI's U.K rank because it released 2 versions tamil , Hindi. also failed to beat the CHITTI. Eagerly waiting for ENTHIRAN's record will surpass by RANA.

  10. Arjun Rajakutty Arjun Rajakutty says:


  11. harisivaji harisivaji says:

    India’s number 1 box office Superstar the impregnable and incomparable Rajnikanth’s Enthiran///

    Oh my goodness….What a fantastic article

    Mr.Shoaib you have saved our valuable time by penning this article with all evidence

    here after no need to type reply to any thing just link to this article morethan enough

  12. RAJINIROX G.Udhay RAJINIROX G.Udhay says:

    FANATICS – Really Rocking.

    Good Effort Sundar Anna…

    Lots Of Thanks Mr.Shohib..

    Great Salute naa….


    Endrum Thalaivar Valiyil RAJINIROX G.Udhay..

  13. s.vasanthan s.vasanthan says:

    இந்தியாவின் அதிக வசூல் படம் முதல் என்திரன் இரண்டாவது சிவாஜி ,இது எல்லோருக்கும் தெரியும் ,ஆனால் சில விதண்டவதிகளுக்காக சுந்தர் மீண்டும் மீண்டும் எழுத வேண்டி உள்ளது ,நன்றி சுந்தர் பிரமாதம் .

  14. Rajagopalan Rajagopalan says:

    Really an Amazing article. Hats off to Shoaib…

    So friends dont bother about the right royal ass…

  15. Kana.S.D. Kana.S.D. says:

    Rajinikanth is the best there ever was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.

    That line says it all…….

    Superb and thought provoking article…..

  16. ananth ananth says:

    Last video… fantastic

  17. Balaji_V Balaji_V says:

    Such a fantastic analysis by Mr.Shoaib….

    Thanks a ton to Mr.Shoaib and sundarji….

    All fans are very proud,

    Thalaivar is the one & only Superstar in India….

    Biggest superstar of india…

    He is the real emperor of india…


    Balaji. V


  18. napoleon napoleon says:

    Simply superb article .

  19. Shoaib Shoaib says:

    Dear Friends,

    Thanks you for all our comments. Appreciate it. Sundar thanks for posting my article. It gives me great pleasure to write about our one and only Superstar of Indian Cinema. I consider it an honour to be his fan. While his reel life exploits have always brought me a great deal of joy his real life story been a great source of inspiration to me.

    Best Wishes,'


  20. B. Kannan B. Kannan says:

    Hats off Shoaib.. U have done a wonderful job..

    Terrific coverage, datas showcased and analysis..

    I usually LOL on seeing anyone in south Indian cinema who claim that their movie beat our record.. Dot..

    Again congrates Shoaib.. Marvellous job..

    Thanks Sundar for allowing this to happen..


    பல கோடிக்கணக்கான தலைவர் பக்தர்களில் ஒருவன்,

    பா. கண்ணன்.

  21. R O S H A N R O S H A N says:

    superb article…….kudos to shoaib for writing such an awesome article…….

  22. peraveen peraveen says:

    புரிஞ்சவன் அமைதியா இருப்பான்…

    புரியாதவன் தான் புத்தி பேதலிச்சி இந்த மாதிரி துள்ளி குதிச்சிகிட்டு இருப்பான்க….

    No One Can Beat Our Super Star…

    Rajiniyan Pravin.

  23. shankarlal shankarlal says:

    ஒன்லி ஓனே அக்டோர் கள்ளேந்து எ த்ருஎ சுபெர்ச்டார் அண்ட் தட் இஸ் ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன ஆல் அதர் அக்டோர் நெவெர் கள்ளேந்து எ த்ருஎ சுபெர்ச்டார் ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன பிரஸ்ட் அண்ட் லாஸ்ட் த்ருஎ சுபெர்ச்டார் ஆல் அதர் அக்டோர் இஸ் எ சீப் என்டேர்டைநேர் அமிதாப் பச்சன் அண்ட் ரஜினிகன்ட் நெவெர் ஸ்டான்ட் பிரான்ட் ஒப் ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன தட் இஸ் தி ரியாலிட்டி அச்செப்ட் தட் இந்தியன் பிலிம் இண்டுச்த்ரி நெவெர் பிந்து சுபெர்ச்டார் ஜஸ்ட் லைக் ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன ஹி இஸ் ஆபீசியால்லி பிரஸ்ட் அண்ட் லாஸ்ட் த்ருஎ சுபெர்ச்டார் நோ அக்டோர் எட் கம்பர் டு ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன அமிடபிக் பச்சன் அண்ட் ரஜினிகன்ட் நோதிங் கம்பர் டு ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன ராஜேஷ் க்ஹன்ன பெயோந்த் கம்பர் ஹி இஸ் ஒன்லி த்ருஎ சுபெர்ச்டார் தில் ட்டே.

    Please re-post the comment. Don't forget mark off the Tick to type in english in comments section.
    - Sundar

  24. shivakumar shivakumar says:

    soundarya is his fav actress

  25. Mohamedamhar Mohamedamhar says:

    I am proud to be a thalaivar fan..!

  26. Purely to comply with up on the update of this topic on your web-site and wish to allow you to know simply how a lot I liked the time you took to write this helpful post. In the post, you genuinely spoke regarding how to seriously handle this problem with all ease. It will be my pleasure to get together some more concepts from your internet page and come up to offer others what I've learned from you. I appreciate your usual very good effort.

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    சோயிப் அவர்களுக்கு என்னுடைய பாராட்டுக்ள் மற்றும் சுந்தர்அவர்களுக்கு என்னுடைய நன்றிகள்………..

    சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் FOR EVER……….

  28. Peter Peter says:

    அருமையான தகவல்கள்… புள் அரித்தது … தலைவா…. நீ தான் திரை உலகின் நிரந்தர தலைவன்..

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