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Our friend Praveen, from Bangalore who sent us the articles on Ambareesh’s B’day celebrations has sent me some new pics of the event. As the pics were really nice, i don’t want to post just like that. So, i asked him to give a write-up on his observations at the event. He has penned down an article and sent us. A treat for sure.

Thanks to him for his efforts.

- Sundar

Dear Rajini fans and friends,

Every little happening in our life is destined by God. Though I managed to see Thalaivar close enough, I could not afford to take a pic with him or talk to him. The reason was that I was at a fair amount of distance from him initially and when I went close to Thalaivar in the celebrity area from the VVIP area where I was seated initially, he was all set to give his speech on stage next and I could see him for a few minutes from behind him. But, I really wanted to give our fans around the globe who didn’t have that opportunity too - an extra treat. The only way I could do that was through his exclusive pics and video at the function from as close as possible and also through some interesting observations and information. You would have read our earlier articles on our complete coverage of the function along with the details here. But here are some more interesting information, that I would like to share along with these official stills from an official photographer of the function who was busy capturing our Thalaivar in his various moods during the function.

Thalaivar’s gesture - a lesson for us

Thalaivar enjoyed the skits, dances, speeches and interview bites of celebrities thoroughly and with keen interest, although he was wished and greeted by many celebrities and he too had to get-up and talk to them each time they came in to see him. Few pics where he was observing keenly a few interview bites - be it that of Kamal Sir, Mohan Lal etc. and other skits which were portrayed based on Ambareesh were observed with interest and he also admired and enjoyed a few dances at the function and those pics are all attached here. Initially, before actor Shatrughan Sinha’s speech he came & sat next to our Thalaivar  & he himself asked Thalaivar whether he could share things relating to him that were true. Particularly that of smoking and how he quit smoking. Thalaivar immediately responded to it with a yes. And Shatrughan Sinha went on to share the same on the stage after that.

The moments of Chin Mudhra

What I could notice more about our Thalaivar was that - Thalaivar was continuously holding his “Chin Mudhra”(his thumb and index finger of his hand joined together) whenever something happy or something that concerned his fame was coming into picture or even on the stage as he usually does. Sometimes, even when he had no reason on his seat. It may be a silent thanks or meditation - that may be only Thalaivar knew it. Still, knowing the true meaning of the Chin Mudhdhirai as a Thalaivar fan - I felt it also symbolized that - “Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukke”.

Thalaivar was seen with the same energy as before. I have earlier seen him in 2007 during Sivaji Shooting in Bangalore. Infact, had an opportunity to shake a hand with him that time. I could see a more energetic Thalaivar, with more sharpened style than ever, walking towards the stage in his stylish speedy walk in a more fastened manner surrounded by 10 people accompanying him till the stage for protection - it’s all a treat to watch. You should experience it atleast once to know something called “The Thalaivar power” !

Superstar in friends’ party

One more interesting thing that happened that evening was that the friends decided to party that night. Yes, by friends I mean Thalaivar Rajni, Actor Ambareesh, Chiranjeevi, Shatrughan Sinha and Mohan Babu. And since the function didn’t have any dinner for the celebrities and as one of the actors from the above mentioned was getting late - they wanted to finish the whole function before 12 and they rightly did so. Thus, Thalaivar and Mohan Babu who left early along with Chiranjeevi went there to the Hotel to arrange things for the birthday boy - Ambareesh. Thus, partying to the core once Ambareesh arrived later that night.

Roaming in disguise

Next day, as usual Thalaivar got busy with his meetings with a few VIPs and friends at his Race Course road Apartment, where he usually takes rest in Bangalore. Infact, he was immediately called on to the next function - that of former CM Yediyurappa’s grand daughter’s wedding the next day itself. Due to some private reasons he couldn’t attend the same. Then, Thalaivar decided to take some rest in Bangalore as he usually does after completing a movie. This time he has finished shooting his part for Kochadaiyaan and with post production works in full flow now, Thalaivar is enjoying his rest in Bangalore at his Race Course Road Apartment. He is also busy catching up with his friends and roaming Bangalore in disguise as usual. Yes, Thalaivar is still in Bangalore. He also called former Tamil Nadu CM Kalaingar Karunanidhi over the phone from Bangalore a couple of days back and wished him for his 89th birthday. And because of his long presence here, he could not make it to Ilaiyaraja’s book release function too yesterday.

Recently, Thalaivar was seen in his friend Hari’s house in Bangalore. As you all know Hari is Thalaivar’s friend who accompanies him to Himalayas usually. So, is Thalaivar all set to go to Himalayas again after finishing Kochadaiyaan dubbing ? Or is it being planned for a post-movie release ?… We have to wait & see !

Always for Thalaivar & his fans,

Thalaivar’s Speech video covered from the stage

Actor Puneeth Rajkumar meets Thalaivar


6 Responses to “Superstar Rajini busy roaming Bangalore roads in disguise - Guest Article”

  1. Shoaib Shoaib says:

    Thanks for this. Very nice write up indeed. On a seperate note, why is there absolutely no news about Kochadiyaan these days? Somebody needs to give Soundarya a lesson or two about how to stay in touch with fans via social media. A twitter account is there not to make an entry once in 6 months but to do so every day or at least every week. This woman is worse than anybody I know when it comes to staying in touch with fans. Staying in touch with fans and giving them constant update is free advertising / promotion of the movie. Its beyond me that she does not even understand such a simple fact.

  2. R.Ramarajan-Madurai R.Ramarajan-Madurai says:

    Thankyou praveen for giving Thalaivar's banglore trip full coverege.
    Thalaivar in viswaroopathirku kathirikrom

  3. Praveen R (TSR) Praveen R (TSR) says:

    Thank you for posting my article Sundar Sir. :)

  4. Rajinikanth Rajinikanth says:

    Thalaivar rocks

  5. Anonymous says:

    நன்றி பிரவீன்….நிகழ்ச்சியை கண்முன்னே நிறுத்திவிட்டீர்கள்….! தலைவர் நிகழ்ச்சில எப்படி இருந்திருப்பார்-ன்னு வார்த்தைகளில் விவரித்த விதம் அருமை….!


    தலைவா……சீக்கிரம் வா……..!


    உலக சூப்பர் ஸ்டாரின் முரட்டு பக்தன்

    விஜய் ஆனந்த்

  6. murugan murugan says:

    tankyou sir plaese update KOCHADAIYAAN movie picture / news / videos

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