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Friends, here’s the most awaited speech of the season.

Thalaivar made a sweet surprise entry for the audio launch of KUMKI - A Prabhu Solomon directed Movie starring Actor Prabhu’s son Vikram in the lead. Thalaivar’s name wasn’t there in the invitation of the Audio Launch as he had earlier told Prabhu that he cannot attend the function. But, Thalaivar made an entry suddenly today to give them all a sweet surprise. Actor Kamal Haasan released the Audio which was received by Actor Surya, in the presence of Thalaivar.

Thalaivar spoke in the function - “I usually don’t attend any functions these days as doctors have adviced me not to go out much due to infectious viruses which may cause harm. I am called for many functions these days. And If I attend one and miss the other, they feel bad. So, I have decided not to attend any hereafter. To be frank, if we see a person from whom we borrowed money - how we would run not seeing their eyes - the same way I am running around if they call me and when I see my fans. Because they shower so much love on me. They have all prayed for me for my recovery and I am not able to see them the same way how a borrower avoids a moneylender for the love they have showered me.
LORD OF THE RINGS producer has called in Kamal and asked him to direct and act in a movie for him. We all should be proud for the same. Its not just a pride for Tamil Cinema or Tamil Nadu. Its a pride for Indian cinema and India itself.

Prabhu called me for this function too. I told Prabhu immediately that I don’t participate in any functions these days. I didn’t want to go to the function. Yesterday, Prabhu visited my house and gave an invitation of the Audio Launch that is going to happen today. I told him that - I had told you before that I won’t come. But he said - Giving the invitation is my duty Anna and he left. Even when I thought about it yesterday night, I didn’t want to go to the function. But today morning I called up Prabhu and said I am coming for the function.

People here said - “Rajni is one tusk and the other tusk is Kamal. With their help Vikram Prabhu has kissed Tamil Cinema Industry successfully today. He hasn’t kissed Tamil Cinema Industry. But has kissed his grandfather Sivaji Ganesan.

Sivaji is like a precious bowl. Me and Kamal came only from him. I happen to work with him close in Padaiyappa. During that time he had told me that - “You did not raise your collars yet in pride with the fame you have. If you had raised it , your buttons would have fallen down.”

Do not be scared Vikram Prabhu. Keep working hard. The trailer and songs of the movie are good. So do not worry. The movie will surely be a hit. WELCOME TO TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY Vikram Prabhu.” - blessed our Superstar.

After this, Kamal launched the audio infront of our Thalaivar and Surya received it.

[Thanks to our friends Praveen for Translation and Karthik for Video information]

Kamal Haasan and Rajini Speech at Kumki Audio Launch - ONLY AUDIO

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    thanks for audio, try to give AV

  2. s.vasanthan s.vasanthan says:

    thanks sundar

  3. RAJINIROX G.Udhay.. RAJINIROX G.Udhay.. says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……. what a voice man

  4. Manoj rox Manoj rox says:

    Thalaivaa :) En neenga ivalo nallavara irukeenga!! Naanga unga kitta yedhaiyum yedhir paarkala thalaivaa!! Neenga NALLA irukkanum, yeppavum sandhoshama irukkanum, surusuruppa irukkanum avala thaan!!!

    Neenga solli koduthadhu thaan SARVA JANO SUGINO BAVANTHU


    thanks a lot sundarji!!!
    eagerly waiting for the video as well!!!

  6. Raja Raja says:

    Please read L.K. Advani admiration for Punchtantra book in his blog..

  7. Somesh Somesh says:

    Fantastic Speech..This is yet another sample to prove Thalaivar is always thinking about his fans..

  8. amar amar says:

    after hearing thalaivar speech I am so happy because my feelings has reached thalaivar. I was strongly thinking from 5 years why our heroes always do 1 film at a time, which is very bad for the industry. At last thalaivar himself has said young actors to do 2-3 films which will definitely help the industry revenue. I will strongly follow thalaivar’s advice once I achieve my dreams.

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