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Our reader Naveen Varadharajan, from Los Angeles has done a wonderful review of Enthiran and here it is for the Guest Article. Kudos to Naveen for such writing such an interesting review. He scores in the last line where he speaks about the duty of our appreciation to the entire team with standing ovation. DOT.

- Sundar


Enthiran : Adorable First Half, Amazing Second Half!!

You must have laughed out Loud, Cried and Felt for Chitti, Felt for Vasi, Showed Mass to Villain Chitti, Whistled in the last 45 minutes! - That sums up Enthiran / Robot / ROBO - SPEED 1 TERRA HZ., MEMORY 1 ZETTA BYTE  :)

Amazing Visual Effects, Mind Blowing Stunts, Cool Cinematography, A.R. Rahman’s Mastery background score, Shankar’s Perfect Execution, Rajni’s remarkable performance, Ash’s Beauty is Shankar’s ENTHIRAN / ROBOT / ROBO. DOT

Enthiran is a kick ass film to start with! Its an Original Product! Delight to watch it. Excellence in every frame! Edge of the seat! Loads of Comedy, Action, Sentiment and Romance and the second half is an ‘Experience’. Adorable First Half, Amazing Second Half!

Rajnikanth is Amazing. This Man has amazing Screen Presence. Never fading Charisma. Rajni is suave as a Scientist! He looks 30 and as Chitti, he looks even younger! Rajni has finally ‘performed’ after so long and it remind me of his Old days and the Performance is amazing - as Vasi, Chitti and Villain and the surprising character! He proves all his critics wrong with a stunning performance! Rajni, The Superstar = Rajni, The Actor in Enthiran! Classy as Vasi and Adorable as Chitti and Evil as Borah’s Chitti and Menacing MASS-Y as ‘Suspense Character’! Class film for 2 hours + and then last half hour, Rajni is Mass that will also be liked by Class! Director Balachander will be proud of ‘this’ Rajni! Hey, Did I mention - Who said ‘Rajni Cant dance, Saala!’? Here, with Chitti Dance Showcase he proves you people wrong!

Aishwarya Rai-Bacchan plays Sana, a medical student and runs a Charity home is Vasi’s Love Interest. She is stunning as usual, superb dancing and Yes, She is also Chitti’s Love Interest. Her characterization is somewhat better if you watch it on screen. She is the CORE for the movie but Rajni ‘owns’ the film!

Santhanam, Karunas’s comedy in the first half is worth it, What happens to them in the Second Half?, is a suspense for you to watch it on screen! Late Haneefa’s short and crisp role as Traffic Inspector is comic and reminds me of him saying “doctor..kuthithaan” in Sivaji! Kalabhavan Mani is a cameo villain and nothing to boast of! Danny Denzongpa as Vasi’s Guru, Bohra, looks Menacing but his role is Limited! Borah’s Introduction will remind you of Suman’s Entry in ‘Sivaji’. Surprise element is a chief technician makes his debut On-Screen! Rajni’s parents are okay! Ranguski is good, but too long a screen space makes it boring! Noted Reporter Sanjay Pinto makes a cameo as himself and is quite good as usual!

Repeating again, Its Rajni who scores 1000%. Hardwork is evident on screen!

Shankar’s Script does have its share of small flaws, but the way he has executed the movie, Hats off to the man! Story is pretty simple on Paper. Dialogues, also written by Late Sujatha and Madan Karky are worth it, Scientific yet simple and easy to understand!  Screenplay is something we see in shankar’s movies and Yes, he has done it again! An Edge-of-the seat Thriller! Direction, Yes Shankar is THE man! Wont be surprised if he gets a call from Hollywood. Shankar’s Action sequence design is as grand and magnificent and the credits tell us it was designed by him!

A.R. Rahman’s amazing work, be it the background score or the songs, He does an incredible job which is worth another Oscar and a Grammy! Its a Mega Treat in this SUPER MEGA TREAT! Lyrics by Vairamuthu and Madan Karky are good and audience started singing the lines! Resul Pookutty’ssound design needs a special mention. DOT

Cinematography by Rathnavelu  (a) Randy is cool, colorful, peppy and a treat to watch! Kilimanjaaro, Irumbile are nicely captured and overall he gives the Glossy touch to the movie! A Hard movie captured well! Excellent Mood Lighting! Crispy as a Marie! :)

Editing by Anthony is just good. Scriptwise perfectly done, But only during songs, we experience Big Jumpcut - Black out - then song,  was pretty amateurish! Otherwise He is the man who adds to the pace of the film and makes it edge-of-the-seat. DOT

Sabu Cyril’s sets, be it the ROBOTIC labs or the songs (like Irumbile, Arima), is classy! He is more than a technician in Robot. DOT

Make-Up Bhanu is Extraordinary. If she made Rajni look Young in Sivaji, She makes him YOUNGER in Endhiran! Rajni looks half his age, as Chitti even more younger. DOT

Stunts by Peter Heins deserves some claps. DOT

Mary Vogt’s ROBOT costumes are rich and stands out! Manish Malhotra’scostumes compliment Mary Vogt and does a remarkable Job!

Rekhs Haricharan’s Subtitles are NEAT. Job Well done!

Movie is technically flawless(more or less). Animatronics by StansWinston Studios (Legacy Effects) are top notch. Visual Effects is the Highlight of the movie and is world class. Sequences have been perfectly bought out by Indian Artists and Eddy Wong, Frankie Chung and the Hong Kong based group, EFX, Pixions, Ocher and many many credits. Lots of CGI and they are all good. Each and every technician (in the end credit) deserved claps(sadly all left after movie ended and nobody bothered about the Huge NEVER ending end credits).

First half is Filled with comedy and some intro to action coming ahead!  Chitti is adorable. Highlight here is When Vasi hugs Chitti - I’m sure you will have tears in your eyes. Second Half, I have no words to explain! Rajni Rajni everywhere, but I don’t know where to see! Rajni in different avatar including Snake, Giant Man etc is a treat to watch! Rajni Fans (and General Public) will love it. Racy and Edge-of-the-seat. Climax gives a ‘MESSAGE’ like every Shankar film, dont worry - Its a BRAND NEW message in ENTHIRAN after 9 Films! Let me know what you felt during the last bits of the movie?

Shankar needs to be given a standing ovation primarily because it’s difficult to conceptualize and execute a film like Enthiran /  Robot / ROBO.  Hats off to Shankar for striking it right! He is a true visionary! He has taken Tamil Cinema (Indian Cinema) to greater heights that even Hollywood is taking note of the movie! I would not be surprised to see Shankar directing a Hollywood movie! Shankar know his audiences perfectly that Enthiran aka Robot aka ROBO is a Sci-Fi film with a perfect blending of Indian Taste and at the same time is Refreshing!

SuperStar Rajnikanth also needs a Standing Ovation for his extraordinary performance and for supporting and perfectly complimenting Director Shankar’s Vision! if not Superstar, Enthiran aka Robot aka ROBO will still be a dream for Shankar. Rajni has started his new Vishwaroopam.  No more to just ‘Style and Charisma’, he announces to the world, “I AM BACK”!

Last but not the least, Producer Kalanidhi Maran for Producing such a movie! BIG Thanks! also to Hansraj Saxena - Backbone of Sun Pictures.

En Iniya Endhira…

Enthiran / Robot / Robo is a Path Breaking ‘Indian’ ‘Scien-Terrific’ Film and Its Kickass and Very Logical and is worth all its Hype! Its a movie for all ages. I am going to give 4.5/5. Movie is a Tad longer and thats why it falls short of 5!



BOOM BOOM RajniOdaBoxOffice(ROBO) Da!

REQUEST: What a list of END CREDITS and I request every one of you to see the ENTIRE END CREDITS and appreciate them. They all deserve a STANDING OVATION!

- Naveen Varadharajan


Its Rajni who scores 100000%.

10 Responses to “Readers’ review : Rajni Rajni everywhere, and not a Pixel to be missed! – Guest Article”

  1. Mrs. Krishnan Mrs. Krishnan says:

    Technicians ellarayum marakaama paarati irukeenga. Great sir.

  2. murugan murugan says:

    நண்பர் நவீன் அவர்களிக்கு மிக்க நன்றி - தங்கள் அனுபவம் (விமர்சனம்) மிகவும் அருமை - வாழ்க தலைவர் - தொடர்க அவர் தம் ரசிகர்களின் தொண்டும் ஆதரவும்

  3. B. Kannan B. Kannan says:

    Good review Mr. Naveen Varadharajan.. keep it up..

    Kudos to sundar too for letting this happen..

  4. tveraajesh tveraajesh says:

    விமர்சனம் சும்மா நச்சுனு இருக்கு. இங்கயும் நம்ப பத்திரிகைல எழுதுறாங்களே அதெல்லாம் ஒரு விமர்சனமா?

  5. harisivaji harisivaji says:

    racy review…like enthiran good

  6. Rajini jagan Rajini jagan says:

    விமர்சனம் சும்மா நச்சுனு இருக்கு. இங்கயும் நம்ப பத்திரிகைல எழுதுறாங்களே அதெல்லாம் ஒரு விமர்சனமா?

  7. SUBRA SUBRA says:


    இனிதான் ஆரம்பம் !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    உங்கள் அன்பு ரசிகன் .

    இந்த உலகத்தின் ஏதோ ஒரு கடைசி ஊரில் வசிக்கும் நண்பா்கள்

    ராஜா -தி - ராஜா

    வடிவேல் - எஜமான்

    மூர்த்தி - ரஜினி

    பிரபு - அகில உலக

    நண்பன் - தளபதி

    நீங்கள் இருக்கும் வரை இந்த ஜீவன்கள் மட்டும்.

    மாவீரன் ரஜினி மன்றம்

    எஸ்.புதூா் ஒன்றியம்

    சிவகங்கை மாவட்டம்


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